Kanmon is a mission-driven company aiming to accelerate the growth of the internet economy by re-imagining the core infrastructure at the heart of commercial credit.

We are a well-funded seed-stage startup founded by a team with deep fintech experience from LendUp, Mission Lane, Funding Circle, Afterpay, Plastiq, and more. We are backed by an impressive roster of investors, including:

Our Values

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We are Servants to our Customers

We exist only to serve our customers. Every decision we make puts the customer first.

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We Aspire to Be the Best Team Ever

We want to be the best at what we do. We value mutual respect and low ego. No brilliant jerks allowed.

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We Work Hard and Smart

We work on complex business and technology that requires grit, determination, and persistence. Hard problems require smart and hard work.

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We Win with Speed and Honor

We strongly believe that speed is the only competitive advantage. We win with focus without sacrificing integrity and honor.

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We are Bayesian Thinkers

We are, at our core, truth-seekers and thus fundamentally Bayesian. We remember our priors, seek disconfirming evidence and update incrementally. We are continuous learners who learn by doing.


We look for humble, creative thinkers with a fresh perspective. If you are equally inspired by our mission and the opportunity to work together to build a values-centered company, let's talk!